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New FreeStyle Libre App for Android

I am currently working on a Diary Freestyle Libre App for my most liked flash glucose measuring tool. Here are some photos of the development work. Needs some improvement but gets close to what I intend to do with a Freestyle Libre App.

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Freestyle Libre App
Freestyle Libre App


Screenshot_2015-05-08-21-07- Freestyle Libre App
Freestyle Libre App


Screenshot_2015-05-08-21-07-27 Freestyle Libre App
Freestyle Libre App

Freestyle Libre App – A diary App


Finally – the Perfect Fruit for Diabetics


An apple a day does NOT keep the doctor away – at least for me: way too high in sugars.

Currently it is rhubarb season and it is a great fruit: great taste, really low in carbs (5g /100g) and filling.

For comparison (per 100g):

  • Strawberries 8g
  • Raspberries 12g
  • Blueberries 14g
  • Apple 13g
  • Banana 23g

I bought 5kg prepared it and put it into the freezer for off-season usage.

My favorite: rhubarb cheesecake. Yum! Of course with Xylitol instead of sugar and almond flour instead of wheat flour.


Low Carb Pasta – A Freestyle Libre Test

There is no such thing as a (carb-) free lunch? After trying Dreamfield Low Carb Pasta with  unsatisfying results I tried a new low carb pasta brand “Pasta alla Eva”. They claim to have less than 5g of carbs in 100g (uncooked )- too good to be true.

Low Carb Pasta
Low Carb Pasta

My test meal was

100g Low Carb Pasta
100g Barilla Pasta Sauce
2 Slices of Emmental Cheese
7 Kalamata Olives

All in all this should be around 15g of carbs – a joke if you look at the full plate of pasta:

Low Carb Pasta Yummy
Low Carb Pasta – Yummy

One of the rare occasions where the pasta sauce has more carbs than the pasta themselves 🙂 .The pasta needed to be cooked for 15mins.

How did the low carb pasta taste?

Not bad – a bit too firm (dreamfield pasta tastes pretty much like the real thing) but okay. Maybe they can tweak their recipe a bit but I liked it. For me it is trillions of times better than shirtaki konjak noodels which I simply hate for their consistence.

If you were blindfolded you would recognize the difference to normal pasta – maybe the best way to describe is like a bit undercooked.

The taste was okay, nothing artificial or bad tasting.

How was the impact of the low carb pasta on blood sugar?

I tested with the Abbott Freestyle Libre.

Normally a full plate of pasta would send my glucose up and above the 200mg/dl limit with ease.  What a surprise – not so with this low carb pasta:

Freestyle Libre Low Carb Pasta Test
Freestyle Libre Low Carb Pasta Test

Wow only a rise from 117 to 134 mg/dl? Not bad, not bad! I did not expect that.


It seems like this low carb pasta will go into my arsenal of foods. It tastes okay and is filling.
Maybe they tweak the ingredients a bit so it is more pasta like.

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What are Diabetes Symptoms? A short Video

Maybe you came here to see if you have diabetes and want to check out the diabetes symptoms?

I made a short video and maybe you would like to read more down below.

Diabetes Symptoms – in Detail

  • If you have to go to the toilet quite often your body maybe wants to get rid of excess glucose (sugar). The kindneys can filter some sugar out of the bloodstream. But sugar needs to be pretty high before they start to do so.
    You can check urine glucose with a glucose stick from your local pharmacy
  • The same is true if you are constantly thirsty: the water you loose by peeing must come from somewhere 🙂
  • And dry skin means you may be loosing a lot of water. Why? See above
  • High levels of glucose make you sleepy and drain energy
  • If you loose weight for no apparent reason (no diet, no extra sport) you should have your blood glucose checked
  • With diabetes infects and bad and slowly healing wounds are very likely. Your immune system is weakened
  • Your breath smells like acetone. This is very severe and mostly restricted to Type 1 diabetics.
  • Some patients have symptoms like blurry vision, or some tingling in their extremities

If in doubt about any diabetes symptoms check out this page and contact your doctor!



The easiest way to kill your HB A1C

Wow, I did not expect that. Yesterday I moved quite a lot .15000 steps, That is about three times of my daily average.  And I ate late because I was on a workshop in the evening and was not able to eat beforehand.


Freestyle Libre Screenshot:  Late Night Pizza
Freestyle Libre Screenshot: Late Night Pizza

My glucose was at 86 mg/dl at 11pm so I thought a small pizza could do no harm. Well, at midnight I went to bed and Continue reading The easiest way to kill your HB A1C


Freestyle Libre Sensor removed – and keeps on running?

Today I had my first Freestyle Libre Sensor removed. I had no problems. Just pulled it away like a plaster. It did not even hurt a bit. No bleeding, no allergy. Just some residue from the glue which can be easily removed with alcohol.


Freestyle Libre Sensor removed
Freestyle Libre Sensor removed

I wonder what kind of funky superglue they use.  14 days without any sticking problems. I was bathing, showering and sweating. Okay, not too much sweating… but anyway.

Freestyle Libre Sensor Removed- and Replaced

I put on my new (second) sensor. No pain not even a bit. I will activate it after 24 hours with the Freestyle Libre Reader.  Some users described a ramp up of the values during the first day which can be skipped if the sensor is activated after 12 to 24 hours .

The 14d sensor measuring time starts after activation.

What happens to the old sensor?

Freestyle Libre - Old Sensor Timeout Message
Freestyle Libre – Old Sensor Timeout Message

The removed freestyle libre sensor keeped running after the 14d activation time.  I do not know what exactly was still working and what not but the data kept changing. The Libre Reader did not read any information (or at least does not display it). But reading it with an NFC reader there are still values changing. After appx. 12h the sensor stopped updating. It can still be read as the NFC part does not need any external power.

So for my next sensor I will use the extra running time for experiments without having any danger of destroying it.

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Freestyle Libre Abbott – Tweaking my blood glucose without (nearly) no fingersticks

After wearing my Freestyle Libre Abbott for now more than a week here are my first results. And I was REALLY surprised about some findings:

  •  the Libre is reliable. I had only one time when it said I had to wait 10 mins. That is okay.
  • it measures WHOLE BLOOD GLUCOSE not plasma glucose. This is important as a lot of finger glucometers measure plasma. And plasma values read about 10 to 12% higher.
    A lot of people complain about the Abbott Freestyle Libre displaying too low values. This might be due to the whole – plasma difference:

    Freestyle Libre Abbott
    Above: plasma glucose Below: whole blood glucose from the Freestyle Libre Abbott


  • the reader has an inbuilt finger glucose meter
  • the sensor glue is reliable. I had no problems until now and I do see no lifting or skin irritation.
  • setting the sensor did NOT hurt . Really.
  • it is easy to setup.
  • I could measure a lot of food and found some really surprising things about my metabolism. Like the magic of potato salad and that I can walk away glucose. And I mean WALKing not jogging.
  • glucose trends are WAY more helpful than single measurements.
  • you can measure a bazillion times if you like. Okay, data is updated only every minute. But I did 90 measurements on my best day :-). That is pretty close to a bazillion.
  • the sensor holds eight hours of data without downloading to the reader. Which is not really a problem anyway because when I wake up the first thing I do is check my glucose graph.
  • what really surprised me: I got very low glucose levels (below 70) during one night. As a Type Two without insulin shots I did not expect that.
  • sensor cost of appx 60 Euros is high but worth it. I will surely buy new sensors to continue my food tests.
  • you can read the “raw” data values from the sensor (NFC) with a smartphone

Freestyle Libre Abbott – Conclusion after one Week

I simply love it and will continue doing food tests!




Foods high in carbs – Lentils Experiment with Freestyle Libre

After the disappointing tests with resistant white rice I checked the next family of foods high in carbs: lentils. Legumes are said to be filling and have low impact on blood sugar. So why not try a can of lentils?


Foods high in carbs - Lentils Can
French Lentils


To make things easy and reproducible I chose to open a can of french precooked lentils with sausages (I live close to the french border and sometime buy food there – uhm and wine…).
Conveniently they put the nutrition values for one person on the label: 33g of carbs (see NB below).


Foods high in carbs - Lentils Nutrition
Foods high in carbs – Lentils Nutrition


I assume most of the carbs come from the lentils as the other ingredients (sausage and spices) are not carb-rich.

Result for foods high in carbs – Lentils

Foods high in carbs - Lentils
Blood Glucoses from Lentils

Here are the results from the Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Meter: now that looks very nice: a BG rise of only 18 mg/dl from 34g of carbs.

NB: in some countries (like US) the total carb value does contain the fiber amount as well. I do not know how the french are doing it but even if I subtract fiber from total carbs – for 23g of carbs this is still a gentle rise.