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That is what happens after 100g gummy bears

Okay I got my new Abbott FreeStyle Libre. And just out of pure stupidity I tried what happens if I eat half a pack of gummy bears (over 70g carbs).

Well nothing I could not have forseen. Sugar rises sky high. Maximum at 224 after 50min (fingerpick glucose 245 on the Diamond Mini). Geez.

After four hours back to base level – a short but heavy trip into hyperglycemia.

Two things are different than I expected:

  • There was a “plateau” from 18:40 to 20:00. I expected it to be more peak like
  • The base level is lower after the hyperglycemia. Maybe an overshoot




Today I was at a local restaurant.

The salad was awful: chemistry instant salad sauce urgh… But at least it looked attractive.


For a fist full of carbs.

Main course was “Schweinebraten” (pork). I did allow myself only a FIST size portion of carbs (appx 40g carbs). So I separated like Moses the sea of “SpƤtzle” and ate only half. Me: good boy.



How it tasted? Convenience food at its best (or worst). Will not go there in future.



After 90min the BG was 159 mg/dl which is good, because it is below my 160 mg/dl goal for postprandial (after meal) blood glucose.