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New FreeStyle Libre App for Android

I am currently working on a Diary Freestyle Libre App for my most liked flash glucose measuring tool. Here are some photos of the development work. Needs some improvement but gets close to what I intend to do with a Freestyle Libre App.

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Freestyle Libre App
Freestyle Libre App


Screenshot_2015-05-08-21-07- Freestyle Libre App
Freestyle Libre App


Screenshot_2015-05-08-21-07-27 Freestyle Libre App
Freestyle Libre App

Freestyle Libre App – A diary App


Finally – the Perfect Fruit for Diabetics


An apple a day does NOT keep the doctor away – at least for me: way too high in sugars.

Currently it is rhubarb season and it is a great fruit: great taste, really low in carbs (5g /100g) and filling.

For comparison (per 100g):

  • Strawberries 8g
  • Raspberries 12g
  • Blueberries 14g
  • Apple 13g
  • Banana 23g

I bought 5kg prepared it and put it into the freezer for off-season usage.

My favorite: rhubarb cheesecake. Yum! Of course with Xylitol instead of sugar and almond flour instead of wheat flour.


What are Diabetes Symptoms? A short Video

Maybe you came here to see if you have diabetes and want to check out the diabetes symptoms?

I made a short video and maybe you would like to read more down below.

Diabetes Symptoms – in Detail

  • If you have to go to the toilet quite often your body maybe wants to get rid of excess glucose (sugar). The kindneys can filter some sugar out of the bloodstream. But sugar needs to be pretty high before they start to do so.
    You can check urine glucose with a glucose stick from your local pharmacy
  • The same is true if you are constantly thirsty: the water you loose by peeing must come from somewhere 🙂
  • And dry skin means you may be loosing a lot of water. Why? See above
  • High levels of glucose make you sleepy and drain energy
  • If you loose weight for no apparent reason (no diet, no extra sport) you should have your blood glucose checked
  • With diabetes infects and bad and slowly healing wounds are very likely. Your immune system is weakened
  • Your breath smells like acetone. This is very severe and mostly restricted to Type 1 diabetics.
  • Some patients have symptoms like blurry vision, or some tingling in their extremities

If in doubt about any diabetes symptoms check out this page and contact your doctor!