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Effect of Resistant Starch Rice

Yesterday I saw an interesting article about a new way of preparing “enhanced resistant starch rice”.

Resistant Starch Rice
Resistant Starch Rice


Today I bought basmati rice (I could not get the special sort that was mentioned) cooked one cup of it with two teaspoons of cocosoil and now it is waiting in the fridge to be eaten tomorrow.

It may not have a different effect on my blood sugar than ordinary rice but it smells incredibly tasty!

More background in this video.

Edit: I have written down the results of my first resistant starch rice test.


That is what happens after 100g gummy bears

Okay I got my new Abbott FreeStyle Libre. And just out of pure stupidity I tried what happens if I eat half a pack of gummy bears (over 70g carbs).

Well nothing I could not have forseen. Sugar rises sky high. Maximum at 224 after 50min (fingerpick glucose 245 on the Diamond Mini). Geez.

After four hours back to base level – a short but heavy trip into hyperglycemia.

Two things are different than I expected:

  • There was a “plateau” from 18:40 to 20:00. I expected it to be more peak like
  • The base level is lower after the hyperglycemia. Maybe an overshoot



Satiety Index: Potato Salat

To check the satiety potential of various food types I today checked potato salad. Potatoes are said to have a high satiety index, so I will check some potato foods.

  • 280g Potato Salad
  • 330 kcal
  • 32g carbs


After 1h blood glucose rise 10mg/dl, satiety 7 (on a scale of 0 – hungry like a wolf, 10 – full)

After 2h blood glucose rise was 2mg/dl which is below measurement accuracy. Satiety was 6.

Not bad. I expected the rise to be much higher. This seems to be too good to be true. I need to redo the experiment.

Potato Salad is easy to prepare and store (I bought one at a local store), quite healthy and tastes great. Will continue to check high satiety index foods.


The Satiety Index – An Experiment

The Satiety Index – sounds like an interesting concept. Sure, a potato will fill me up more than a bell pepper – but how can I use that treating my diabetes?

According to the measurements on this page one is supposed to be three times more “satisfied” if he eats potatoes  compared to white bread. Does that mean, you can eat only one third and still be full? Sounds like an interesting experiment.

Another PDF with further infos atbout the satiety index:–APRE%20News%20Reference.pdf

The satiety index a little more elaborated is the Fullness Factor. It is an analysis of the macronutitients related to satiety and leads to a somewhat complicated formula to calculate satiety. I am not sure if it is really helpful but judge yourself:

How can I use the satiety index in my T2DM diet?

One problem is breakfast. Most food leaves me hungrier at lunch time than eating nothing at all. But I am hungry anyway. So I will start with a medium sized potato at breakfast – with an egg,  240 g tomato and 100g ham. As I do not want to waste too much calories on fat, I will use a non-stick pan and use no fat.
And – as I hate cooking in the morning – I will prepare potato, tomato, ham and salt/pepper mixture the evening before.

According to FDDB  this will give me  appx. 300 kcal and 22g of carbs, which is okay.

NB: eating potato salad would be easier to prepare beforehand. but I like to have some warm eggy-breaggy food.