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Finally – the Perfect Fruit for Diabetics


An apple a day does NOT keep the doctor away – at least for me: way too high in sugars.

Currently it is rhubarb season and it is a great fruit: great taste, really low in carbs (5g /100g) and filling.

For comparison (per 100g):

  • Strawberries 8g
  • Raspberries 12g
  • Blueberries 14g
  • Apple 13g
  • Banana 23g

I bought 5kg prepared it and put it into the freezer for off-season usage.

My favorite: rhubarb cheesecake. Yum! Of course with Xylitol instead of sugar and almond flour instead of wheat flour.


The easiest way to kill your HB A1C

Wow, I did not expect that. Yesterday I moved quite a lot .15000 steps, That is about three times of my daily average.  And I ate late because I was on a workshop in the evening and was not able to eat beforehand.


Freestyle Libre Screenshot:  Late Night Pizza
Freestyle Libre Screenshot: Late Night Pizza

My glucose was at 86 mg/dl at 11pm so I thought a small pizza could do no harm. Well, at midnight I went to bed and Continue reading The easiest way to kill your HB A1C


Foods high in carbs – Lentils Experiment with Freestyle Libre

After the disappointing tests with resistant white rice I checked the next family of foods high in carbs: lentils. Legumes are said to be filling and have low impact on blood sugar. So why not try a can of lentils?


Foods high in carbs - Lentils Can
French Lentils


To make things easy and reproducible I chose to open a can of french precooked lentils with sausages (I live close to the french border and sometime buy food there – uhm and wine…).
Conveniently they put the nutrition values for one person on the label: 33g of carbs (see NB below).


Foods high in carbs - Lentils Nutrition
Foods high in carbs – Lentils Nutrition


I assume most of the carbs come from the lentils as the other ingredients (sausage and spices) are not carb-rich.

Result for foods high in carbs – Lentils

Foods high in carbs - Lentils
Blood Glucoses from Lentils

Here are the results from the Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Meter: now that looks very nice: a BG rise of only 18 mg/dl from 34g of carbs.

NB: in some countries (like US) the total carb value does contain the fiber amount as well. I do not know how the french are doing it but even if I subtract fiber from total carbs – for 23g of carbs this is still a gentle rise.


Xylitol side effects – rise of BG?

UPDATE: I did a retest and had a much less rise in BG. I will keep an eye on this.

Another big surprise.  I regularly use Xylitol (Xucker) instead of table sugar because it has low or no impact on blood glucose. Or is said to have. But there seems to be some “xylitol side effects”.

Today with my morning coffee and with the help of my freestyle libre I checked the influence of four heaped teaspoons of Xylitol in my morning coffee (together with one teaspon of low fat cream). And I nearly fell off my chair: it raised my BG from 123 to 171 mg/dl (fingerpick, freestyle 146)!

What kind of xylitol side effects are that?

I will redo this experiment tomorrow. Maybe the lowfat cream had some negative influence. I hope so.

Rats, so I have to wait another hour for my BG to go down before I can have my breakfast…

Four heaped tablespoons of xylitol in my morning coffee. What strange kind of xylitol side effects is this?
Four heaped tablespoons of xylitol in my morning coffee. What strange kind of xylitol side effects is this?

Spaghetti with a surprise

Can you “walk away” your glucose?
My diabetologist told me “you can eat everything as long as you do sports afterwards”.

Well, sport is my weak point. I enjoy walking and cycling. But anything where you have to change dress and have a shower afterwards is not my kind of thing. I am lazy. I admit it.

Asking him if walking would be enough he disagreed. Not enough of the sweat factor.

But on the internet I found this article :

The Effect of Walking on Postprandial Glycemic Excursion in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes and Healthy People

So I tried that out: I ate a bowl of dinkel (spelt) spaghetti at a local restaurant (Vapiano) with arrabiata sauce and parmesan. And a small coke light. I guess as the pasta portion was quite large there were 80g of carbs involved.

And I went walking.

Spaghetti with a surprise
Measurement Log

I started the meal at 17:10 and went on the road at 17:40. I walked at a normal pace. Not strolling and not “nordic walking” style.

According to my Freestyle Libre blood glucose had its peak at 18:15 with 119mg/dl and fell slightly.

After one and a half hours (!) at 19:20 I finished my walk and sat down comfy in my chair at home. As soon as I rested, my blood sugar started to climb again.

 Frustrated by that I decided to leave my comfy chair and see what happens. At 19:50 I went out for another half hour and my blood sugar went down again.

Now something strange happened: I was tired and went to bed at 21:50. And during my sleep BS climbed again with its peak of 155 mg/dl at appx 23:10. What? Six hours after eating a lot of carbs?

My Interpretation

  • I CAN walk away blood sugar. With a bowl of spaghetti my blood sugar would have been otherwise much higher  (definitvely above 180 mg/dl) after one hour
  • it takes a long time to walk away the glucose. Over 1,5h of walking time after each meal is nothing I can do on a regular basis
  • I have no explanation of the peak six hours later. Maybe some rebound effect or something else. Maybe I check if I can repeat that
  • BG values are higher than logged as the Freestyle Libre was appx. 20% lower on the first day of sensor usage than my fingerpick readings.

That is what happens after 100g gummy bears

Okay I got my new Abbott FreeStyle Libre. And just out of pure stupidity I tried what happens if I eat half a pack of gummy bears (over 70g carbs).

Well nothing I could not have forseen. Sugar rises sky high. Maximum at 224 after 50min (fingerpick glucose 245 on the Diamond Mini). Geez.

After four hours back to base level – a short but heavy trip into hyperglycemia.

Two things are different than I expected:

  • There was a “plateau” from 18:40 to 20:00. I expected it to be more peak like
  • The base level is lower after the hyperglycemia. Maybe an overshoot




Today I was at a local restaurant.

The salad was awful: chemistry instant salad sauce urgh… But at least it looked attractive.


For a fist full of carbs.

Main course was “Schweinebraten” (pork). I did allow myself only a FIST size portion of carbs (appx 40g carbs). So I separated like Moses the sea of “Spätzle” and ate only half. Me: good boy.



How it tasted? Convenience food at its best (or worst). Will not go there in future.



After 90min the BG was 159 mg/dl which is good, because it is below my 160 mg/dl goal for postprandial (after meal) blood glucose.