Freestyle Libre Abbott – Tweaking my blood glucose without (nearly) no fingersticks

After wearing my Freestyle Libre Abbott for now more than a week here are my first results. And I was REALLY surprised about some findings:

  •  the Libre is reliable. I had only one time when it said I had to wait 10 mins. That is okay.
  • it measures WHOLE BLOOD GLUCOSE not plasma glucose. This is important as a lot of finger glucometers measure plasma. And plasma values read about 10 to 12% higher.
    A lot of people complain about the Abbott Freestyle Libre displaying too low values. This might be due to the whole – plasma difference:

    Freestyle Libre Abbott
    Above: plasma glucose Below: whole blood glucose from the Freestyle Libre Abbott


  • the reader has an inbuilt finger glucose meter
  • the sensor glue is reliable. I had no problems until now and I do see no lifting or skin irritation.
  • setting the sensor did NOT hurt . Really.
  • it is easy to setup.
  • I could measure a lot of food and found some really surprising things about my metabolism. Like the magic of potato salad and that I can walk away glucose. And I mean WALKing not jogging.
  • glucose trends are WAY more helpful than single measurements.
  • you can measure a bazillion times if you like. Okay, data is updated only every minute. But I did 90 measurements on my best day :-). That is pretty close to a bazillion.
  • the sensor holds eight hours of data without downloading to the reader. Which is not really a problem anyway because when I wake up the first thing I do is check my glucose graph.
  • what really surprised me: I got very low glucose levels (below 70) during one night. As a Type Two without insulin shots I did not expect that.
  • sensor cost of appx 60 Euros is high but worth it. I will surely buy new sensors to continue my food tests.
  • you can read the “raw” data values from the sensor (NFC) with a smartphone

Freestyle Libre Abbott – Conclusion after one Week

I simply love it and will continue doing food tests!