Freestyle Libre Sensor removed – and keeps on running?

Today I had my first Freestyle Libre Sensor removed. I had no problems. Just pulled it away like a plaster. It did not even hurt a bit. No bleeding, no allergy. Just some residue from the glue which can be easily removed with alcohol.


Freestyle Libre Sensor removed
Freestyle Libre Sensor removed

I wonder what kind of funky superglue they use.  14 days without any sticking problems. I was bathing, showering and sweating. Okay, not too much sweating… but anyway.

Freestyle Libre Sensor Removed- and Replaced

I put on my new (second) sensor. No pain not even a bit. I will activate it after 24 hours with the Freestyle Libre Reader.  Some users described a ramp up of the values during the first day which can be skipped if the sensor is activated after 12 to 24 hours .

The 14d sensor measuring time starts after activation.

What happens to the old sensor?

Freestyle Libre - Old Sensor Timeout Message
Freestyle Libre – Old Sensor Timeout Message

The removed freestyle libre sensor keeped running after the 14d activation time.  I do not know what exactly was still working and what not but the data kept changing. The Libre Reader did not read any information (or at least does not display it). But reading it with an NFC reader there are still values changing. After appx. 12h the sensor stopped updating. It can still be read as the NFC part does not need any external power.

So for my next sensor I will use the extra running time for experiments without having any danger of destroying it.

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