Resistant Starch Foods – Basmati Rice

(UPDATE:  my test on cold resistant starch rice is now online)

As mentioned in the resistant starch rice post here are the results of my first test.  This is far from any scientific methodology but enough to fulfill my two goals:

  1. improve my personal eating habits
  2. inspire others to do their own tests (which one should always do)

Resistant Starch Foods – Basmati Rice

I prepared one (raw) cup of basmati rice, two and a half cups of water, salt and two teaspoons of coconut oil. Cooking time 18 min. Rice was cooled down and put in the fridge for >14h.
Next day I prepared an asian inspired “resistant goreng” with the following ingredients (sorry, the tool only works in German):

Resistant Starch Foods - Basmati Rice
Resistant Starch Goreng

I used only half of the rice for cooking and after checking the carbs and cals I decided to eat only half of the prepared meal (~ 400kcal and 38g carbs) – so eating only a quarter of the prepared rice. My girlfriend ate the rest of the meal- and liked it 🙂 .

Resistant starch rice - before
Resistant starch rice – before
"Resistant goreng"
“Resistant goreng”


I checked the influence on my blood glucose with my Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitor:

Resistant Starch Rice Blood Glucose
Resistant Starch Rice Blood Glucose

Resistant starch basmati rice gave me a rise of appx. 68 mg/dl from 38g of carbs. The “real” value will be higher as the Libre sensor reads 10 to 20% lower than my finger glucometer.

The rise of BG is not lower than what I would have expected from untreated rice.

Thinking about it – the preperation of rice with oil is surely something that is quite common. So if this had any positive influence some Type 1 diabetics would surely would have recognized this.


In this one person single meal study on resistant starch foods resistant starch rice did not show any beneficial influence on BG compared to normal rice.

I decided to at least two tests as blood glucose seems to behave somewhat fuzzy. So I will retest this with some of the basmati rice leftovers (maybe cold rice salad) but do not expect any improvement.