Retest of resistant starch rice (cold)

In my first test with resistant starch rice (basmati) I did not see improvements compared to ordinary rice. After googling around I found a page mentioning that reheated rice looses some of its magical resistant starch power:

“Heating the rice — as rice dishes are normally consumed in hot dishes  — can melt the crystals and make them less resistant to digestion.”

Well okay I had some leftover rice from last saturdays test so I decided to give resistant starch another try. I ate 200g of white basmati which contains appx. 60g of carbs (in my first test I ate half of this ammout and gave the second half to my girlfriend). Nothing was added. Just the pure rice (I did not want to have the vinegar effect interfering with the resistant starch ),

Cold resistant starch rice


After the usual delay my blood glucose went up. And it went UP. AND IT WENT UP:

FreeStyle Libre - Resistant Starch Test
FreeStyle Libre – Resistant Starch Tes

Holy Maccaroni! After my BG went over 200 I decided to briskly walk away my glucose as I do not want to stay too at such high levels.  It worked and now I am back below 140 which is my current after meal maximum goal.

Resistant Starch Rice (cold)
Resistant Starch Rice (cold)

Resistant Starch Rice – Science Fiction?

Here are my conclusions of this experiment:

  1. “Resistant starch” rice (like I prepared it) does not help to keep my blood sugar low. It had the same effect as ordinary rice.
  2. I can walk away the peaks of BG spikes pretty easily. No jogging required – brisk walking is enough.
  3. I have to keep in mind that the Freestyle Libre has a 5 to 15min delay compared to the real blood glucose. I will have to start my counter-walking earlier if I want to stay below 200 mg/dl.