Spaghetti with a surprise

Can you “walk away” your glucose?
My diabetologist told me “you can eat everything as long as you do sports afterwards”.

Well, sport is my weak point. I enjoy walking and cycling. But anything where you have to change dress and have a shower afterwards is not my kind of thing. I am lazy. I admit it.

Asking him if walking would be enough he disagreed. Not enough of the sweat factor.

But on the internet I found this article :

The Effect of Walking on Postprandial Glycemic Excursion in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes and Healthy People

So I tried that out: I ate a bowl of dinkel (spelt) spaghetti at a local restaurant (Vapiano) with arrabiata sauce and parmesan. And a small coke light. I guess as the pasta portion was quite large there were 80g of carbs involved.

And I went walking.

Spaghetti with a surprise
Measurement Log

I started the meal at 17:10 and went on the road at 17:40. I walked at a normal pace. Not strolling and not “nordic walking” style.

According to my Freestyle Libre blood glucose had its peak at 18:15 with 119mg/dl and fell slightly.

After one and a half hours (!) at 19:20 I finished my walk and sat down comfy in my chair at home. As soon as I rested, my blood sugar started to climb again.

 Frustrated by that I decided to leave my comfy chair and see what happens. At 19:50 I went out for another half hour and my blood sugar went down again.

Now something strange happened: I was tired and went to bed at 21:50. And during my sleep BS climbed again with its peak of 155 mg/dl at appx 23:10. What? Six hours after eating a lot of carbs?

My Interpretation

  • I CAN walk away blood sugar. With a bowl of spaghetti my blood sugar would have been otherwise much higher  (definitvely above 180 mg/dl) after one hour
  • it takes a long time to walk away the glucose. Over 1,5h of walking time after each meal is nothing I can do on a regular basis
  • I have no explanation of the peak six hours later. Maybe some rebound effect or something else. Maybe I check if I can repeat that
  • BG values are higher than logged as the Freestyle Libre was appx. 20% lower on the first day of sensor usage than my fingerpick readings.