The easiest way to kill your HB A1C

Wow, I did not expect that. Yesterday I moved quite a lot .15000 steps, That is about three times of my daily average.  And I ate late because I was on a workshop in the evening and was not able to eat beforehand.


Freestyle Libre Screenshot:  Late Night Pizza
Freestyle Libre Screenshot: Late Night Pizza

My glucose was at 86 mg/dl at 11pm so I thought a small pizza could do no harm. Well, at midnight I went to bed and  my glucose had a fiesta.

It stayed FIVE hours above 150!

Normally a load of carbs spikes my glucose for about one to two hours. But during sleep you get a lot bang for the bug. And my HB A1C will log that five hours of high glucose, you bet.

But why that long? I guess it has two reasons:

  • Digestion is slow: the carbs enter the bloodstream slower and for a longer time
  • Metabolism is slow: glucose has a lot of time to flow around before it is burnt or stored as fat


  1. No or only little carbs before going to bed
  2. Walking before eating does not “help”. I have to walk my glucose away after eating.

Thank you Freestyle Libre.  Without you I surely would have missed that.